Big year ahead!

Hello for the first time in 2016! I have been writing, editing, workshopping and all sorts of other creative goodness. The last couple of weeks have been full on with deadlines and applications. Fingers crossed!

My novel progress is going well and I have been working on a short story or two along the way. I have also had a  good conversation or two with writer friends which always keeps the energy flowing.

Here’s to a busy year of writing!


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  1. Want to wish you all the best fella, my own novel is only a couple of chapters away from the chequered flag and it feels good.

    Your help with our members at Wordsmiths of Melton has reinvigorated some of us and helped the new members feel comfortable in sharing their work. Not only do you increase the intelligence quotients in the room you add direction and clarity. The goal setting exercise in February was a brilliant initiative and I look forward to this months challenge.

    As NIKE says, just do it.

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