Mid year happenings: Japan, Footy Almanac and novel writing

It is virtually the middle of the year and things are looking great. I have been flat out between work, writing, travel, moving house and trying to find time to socialise. Thankfully those busy, stressful days are behind me and I am now settled into my new place and well rested after my holiday.

Travelling around Japan for two weeks was a surreal experience. Everything people say about Japan is true: the food is incredible, the people are beyond friendly and the nature is beautiful. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in another country and embracing the local customs. I ate eel at the fish markets in Ginza, wrestled with sumo’s, and drank craft beer in Shinjuko.



Enjoying the night life and craft beers in Shinjuko. Photo by Michito Goto.

The Footy Almanac is going great guns. I am enjoying my role as web editor and working with so many talented writers and editors. I also wrote a memoir piece a couple of months ago that I am really happy with. Please give it a read below:


I have rediscovered the fire for my YA novel after a few months of absence. There is something powerful about getting that surge of energy again for a project that means so much to you. The goal is to finish the first draft of the novel at the end of the year.

As always, another project idea has popped into my head and we’ll see where that goes.

The second half of 2017 promises to be an exciting stage for my writing journey. Here’s hoping there is more good news to come.