Novel writing, sports editing

We are down to the final third of the year. Time really does fly by. It has been an interesting year thus far. Highs and lows, weeks of no writing or reading for pleasure, and plenty of time writing the day away. Things are looking really good at the moment and these final four months of 2017 have a massive potential to shape my writing journey.


There is a real sense of excitement right now. I am making really solid progress on my YA novel. I have made a promise to complete the first draft of my novel by the end of the year. I am on track to doing this. Life is only getting busier but I need to get the words on the page.


The Footy Almanac is heating up with the finals kicking off this weekend. It has been a bloody good season of writing so far. The finals will only draw out the best of the writers and myself.


I have just notched up three years as writing group facilitator at the Wordsmiths of Melton. It has been a very satisfying time thus far with writers getting published, winning awards and competitions. We have all set ourselves challenges and I can’t wait to see the amazing rewards of our hard work at the end of the year.


I have just finished reading Demet Divaroren‘s first novel Living on Hope Street. It is a ripper; it packs one hell of a punch. I have always admired her work and I am so happy for her. Congraulations Demet!


Time for me to get back to my novel. By the end of the year, I will have the first draft done. It feels like a big moment; and it will be. But I have to focus on the writing and the story for now.


Keep writing and creating,